Maintaining An Active Handicap Status

Members maintaining a handicap index with the Club are reminded that to be issued a USGA Handicap Index, golfers must conform to the USGA Handicap System 2012-2016 and the SGA Handicap Policy.

A player should post a score immediately after the round or as soon as practical; this can be an adjusted hole by hole score or just a gross score.

Obtain an Active Handicap Index
If you have arranged for a handicap transfer to the Club or have recently completed your Courtesy Round, please submit up to five 18-hole games or ten 9–hole games to obtain a Handicap Index. Please ensure at least one score is dated within the last 6 months (ie gap between date of plays not more than 6 months).

Opting Out of the Handicap System
You may choose to opt out should you not wish to continue to hold a USGA Handicap Index. Kindly be reminded that should you opt out, you are not required to post scores and meet any other handicap compliance requirements. Players who have opted out will have their handicap records removed from the Ordinary Member’s handicap register and the SGA National Handicap Book. The records will be kept in another database throughout the membership term in case activation is required. Also, you will not be eligible to participate in tournaments that require a Handicap Index once you have opted out of the Handicap System.

The Club can issue you an introduction card that will reflect your status as a Social Member who no longer maintains a competitive handicap. The card will also include your last Handicap Index and it is valid for golf games at Marina Bay Golf Course and Orchid Country Club. It is at the discretion of the other golf clubs to allow you to play.

Please email should you choose to opt out and would like to request for an introduction card.

Overview of Handicap Maintenance