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17th Issue (Member of the Month: Goy Soong Ngee)
16th Issue (Member of the Month: Lum Hon Fye)
15th Issue (Member of the Month: Richard Wong)
14th Issue (Member of the Month: Jeung Vong Guk)
13th Issue (Member of the Month: Christine Whelan)
12th Issue (Member of the Month: Angel Lim Ann Qi)
11th Issue (Member of the Month: Zubaidah Mohamed Amin)
10th Issue (Member of the Month: Cheong Wai Keong)
9th Issue (Member of the Month: Osamu Suetsugu)
8th Issue (Member of the Month: P.M. Samy)
7th Issue (Member of the Month: Mok Ai Choo)
6th Issue (Member of the Month: Joseph & Emmanuel Lim)
5th Issue (Member of the Month: Iveta Henderson)
4th Issue (Member of the Month: Gabrielle, Rachel & Mikaela Maswi)
3rd Issue (Member of the Month: Loh Kia Chiang)
2nd Issue (Member of the Month: Low Kim Yong & Hee Jee Loi)
1st Issue (Member of the Month: Smiley Goh)