New Golf Rules (w.e.f. 1 Jan 2019)

Please note that the new Rules of Golf have taken effect since 1 Jan 2019. Following the recent changes, the local rules for golfing at Marina Bay Golf Course have also been updated.

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[Marina Bay Golf Course Announcements]

Some of the significant changes include:

i)              New dropping height

The ball must be dropped straight down from knee height. • “Knee height” means the height of your knee when in a standing position. • You do not need to be standing when the ball is dropped. • A drop does not count if the ball touches you or your equipment before hitting the ground. • A drop does count if the ball accidentally hits you or equipment after it has already hit the ground.

ii)             Dropping Procedure: Ball must land in and come to rest in relief area

For your relief procedure to be completed, your ball must be dropped so it:
First strikes the ground in the relief area, AND THEN comes to rest in the relief area.

iii)            Time reduced for ball search

Your ball will be lost if you do not find it within 3 minutes (rather than the current 5 minutes).

iv)             Spike mark repairs allowed on green

You will be allowed to repair almost any damage to the green, including spike marks and animal damage.

v)             Flagstick can remain in when putting

You will be allowed to hit the unattended flagstick in the hole when putting.

vi)             Longest club, putter aside, to be used for measuring

The club to be used for measuring purposes in all relief situations is the longest club in your bag, other than your putter.