OCC Weekday Golf Booking

[Update as of 27 July 2020]

Below is a copy of the recent announcement by Orchid Country Club. Please refer to their website (
www.orchidclub.com) for the official announcement.


As global borders continue to be shut, all clubs are facing a situation where demand for golfing tee times has far outweighed the supply. We apologise for our service lapse and we do understand the frustration some members faced when they could not call through the booking hotline nor get a timely response to their email booking requests because the golf reception is experiencing very high call and email volume, and footfall every day.  We have already beefed up manpower from other departments to help in golfing needs.

To mitigate this problem and on the advice of the authorities who came down to inspect yesterday, we are to discourage golfers from congregating at the golf reception and golf bag drop area. As such, all 
BOOKINGS OF TEE TIMES FOR WEEKDAYS shall be done via Google form with effect from 27 July 2020 (Monday), 9am. On the same day, requests for tee time bookings via phone calls, emails, and over the counter will cease. This arrangement will be in place until further notice.

Please read and take note of the following terms and conditions:

1. The link to the Google Form can be found under 'Announcements' section on www.orchidclub.com.
2. OCC Members and affiliate members can use this form to book tee times.
    Junior members are not allowed to book tee times.
3. Currently, only members and members’ guests are allowed to play.
4. OCC Members and affiliate members can sign in guests. All guests must be accompanied by members.
5. Main bookers shall ensure that all the information provided in the Google form is complete and accurate.

Booking Procedures for Weekday Tee Times
1. Gold / Silver / WTGM Members - Up to 10 days in advance
2. GCU / MGK (Affiliate) Members - Up to 7 days in advance
3. Social Members - Up to 6 days in advance

Time of Submissions
1. Only submissions that are received between 9am and 6pm daily will be considered.
    Submissions that are received outside these hours will not be considered, and the Golf reception
    is not responsible for notifying the main bookers.

Main Bookers
1. The main booker (i.e. Player 1) must provide his/her name, membership number, email, and
    mobile number clearly so that he/she is contactable by the Golf Clerks.
2. The main booker cannot be substituted or changed. He/she also cannot transfer the flight to someone else.
3. The main booker must play in the flight as Player 1 and be responsible for the flight turning up on the date
    of play. If the booked flight does not turn up on the date of play, a penalty of $535 per flight shall be levied
    on the main booker. 

Allocation of Tee Times
1. Tee times will be allocated on a first receive, first served basis.
2. All submissions that come through the Google system are timestamped in HH:MM:SS.
3. The Golf reception will notify the main bookers of their tee-off times by email or call as and when
    submissions come in.

Forming a Flight
1. There must be a minimum of 3 balls in each flight.
2. The Club reserves all rights to pair up golfers to form 4-ball flights.
3. For 1-ball or 2-balls, you may still use this form to request a date of play, and the Golf reception will try
    to pair up whenever possible.

Corporate Union / MGK Members
1. Corporate Union / MGK Members must have valid golf passes for the day.
2. Upon registration, Corporate Union / MGK Members must produce their Membership Cards and Photo ID
    for verification purposes.
3. Corporate Union members must forward a copy of their golf pass (white card) to the Golf reception
occgolfbooking@orchidclub.com before the date of play.
4. In the event that Corporate Union / MGK members are unable to ballot for a golf pass for the day, they will
    not be able to play as visitors. If the booked flight is unable to play because they are unable to ballot for
    golf passes, a penalty of $535 per flight shall be levied on the main booker.

Inclement Weather
1. In the event of inclement weather, the course will be closed if golfers are found to congregate and not comply
    with safety measures, risking warnings of safety breaches during SLA checks. Announcements will be made
    that the course will not be open for that session and all golfers are to leave the Club.
2. No refund, rain checks, and discount vouchers will be given. 

Orchid Country Club Management
26 July 2020