Introducing the Kampong Spirit Initiative
Dear member,

Greetings from My Golf Kaki! We are very pleased to inform you about our new initiative designed to give you greater opportunities to organize tournaments and golfing events at your preferred locations, as well as the chance to compete against other members in team based game formats which will appeal to middle and high handicappers as well as highly skilled golfers.

Known as the Kampong Spirit Initiative (or KSI in short), this program strives to revive the competitive spirit that we all felt in our younger days, whether at school or in the neighborhood, where we would form teams or groups to compete against other groups at our favourite games.

What we have done is do split the core membership of My Golf Kaki members into 8 different groups or “Kampongs”. There are 2 kampongs comprised entirely of ladies, 2 kampongs of senior (above 55) men and 4 kampongs of men under the age of 55. Each Kampong will have a committee comprised of members who have volunteered to help facilitate this initiative. A separate email will be sent to you from the Kampong’s official email providing you with the details of the Kampong that you have been assigned to as well as the contact details of your Kampong’s committee. There is also a link below for you to check which Kampong you have been assigned to.

There will be inter-Kampong games organized quarterly and each Kampong will send 4 teams of 4 golfers to participate in the team format games. In addition, Kampongs will also be awarded points based on how active they are in organizing games and how many Kampong members take part in My Golf Kaki activities.

At the end of the year, points will be tallied and the winning Kampong will receive the inaugural KSI Trophy as well as a host of prizes to be distributed among members of the Kampong.

As mentioned, the KSI is also designed to assist members in organizing their own golf events. Each Kampong will be supported administratively by the My Golf Kaki team for event organization.   This support extends to price negotiation, fee collection and potentially prize sponsorship. My Golf Kaki will continue to organize monthly tournaments, however, this gives our members a chance to arrange their own games based on preferred locations and timings. Full details on how you can organize your own events will be provided in the email from your assigned kampong.

As Kampongs are essentially social networks, we have decided to use the functionality of Facebook groups to support our initiative. All members are encouraged to start Facebook accounts and join their respective Kampong groups online.

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