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Membership type: Senior – Gold
Member since 2009

More often than not, you would fnd Loh Kia Chiang
in the midst of all the action at the club’s monthly
medals. This regular attendee often appears quiet
and unassuming, but is in fact a very friendly and
approachable man. We met up with Kia Chiang
during one of his practice sessions at Marina
Bay Golf Course to fnd out what makes him a hit
among fellow kakis.

When and why did you start golfng? club actively organises a variety of owner actually asked if I was buying
Initially, I had the assumption that events at reasonable rates. them as gifts!
golf is an expensive game, which was
why I did not take it up before. I only After participating in so many club Who is your favourite golfer and why?
started golfng at the age of 57, at the events, have you made any new kakis? Phil Mickelson. He is one of the few
encouragement of my colleague who Indeed! In most of the events, I see left-handed PGA golfers. Also, he has
claimed his father managed to pick many familiar faces. In fact, some of style and is a respectable character.
it up when he was 60! My colleague them have become my regular fight
even gave me a set of clubs to start mates in the monthly medals. How would you describe yourself?
with, which helped kick start my I may appear very serious, and
golfng journey. My dream golf holiday... some might say I look ferce and
I have always wanted to experience unapproachable. However, I am
How often do you golf? golfng in the cold of the highlands. actually just the opposite! In fact,
I spend 4-6 hours per week at Maybe China would be a good place I enjoy joking around, meeting new
the driving range, and have about to start. people, as well as experiencing new
2-3 games every month. and different environments. Those who
Any memorable golf experience? know me will understand what I mean.
What made you decide to join When I frst started golfng, I lost more I welcome all kakis to be my friend!
my golf kaki? than a dozen golf balls in every game.
Since I was already an NTUC I was a real rookie then and often Know someone you would like to see
member, it just made sense to join took to ‘whacking’ the ball. Due to featured as Member of the Month?
the club. I found the staff to be very this, I was forced to buy replacement Share your recommendations at
friendly and approachable, and the balls so frequently that the golf shop
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