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THE GOLF Jeung Vong Guk is a restaurateur and despite his demanding
schedule, he always fnds time to play his favourite sport.
AFICIONADO An avid golfer, Jeung is a regular at both Marina Bay Golf
Course and Orchid Country Club.

When did you pick up golf?
I wanted to learn something new so I chose to take
up golf when I was 26 years old. I have been golfng
for close to 28 years now. I love it very much and
being able to golf is an enjoyment in my life. I hope to
encourage my wife and son to pick up the sport too so
that we can have family golf outings in the near future.

How did you fnd out about us?
I was looking for a club in Singapore and a friend
introduced me to my golf kaki. After obtaining more
information and understanding the benefts offered,
I decided to join and have been a member since 2015.

Since joining us, you have referred many
friends to join.
Being a member has its advantages and I wanted my JEUNG VONG GUK
friends to beneft from them too. In fact, I have also
introduced some of my regular customers to join as Ordinary member since 2015
members. To date there are about 30 of us in the
Korean community who are members. We usually golf
together using the preferred member rates at affliated
golf courses.

How often do you golf? From your experience, how different is it
I make time to play at least 2 to 3 times a week. As between golfng in Singapore and Korea?
mentioned above, I often golf with my group of friends In terms of course condition, the key difference lies
at affliated golf courses. Hence, we regularly patronize in the fairways. The grass is generally drier in Korean
Marina Bay Golf Course and Orchid Country Club. It courses. The type of grass used for the greens also
helps that I also fnd that these two courses are really differs between both countries and the experience
nice to play from the fairway to the green. Aside from is interesting for me. Aside from that, it is generally
them, I also like Gapyeong Benest Golf Club and Sky more affordable to golf in Singapore than back home
72 Golf Course, both located in Korea. in Korea.

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