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In this last article on the skills of putting,

we look at the fourth skill – stroke.


It is developing a well-timed movement pattern that Linear acceleration is a motion that originates from
launches the ball on your intended line with a quality the hands and lower forearms and thrusts the putter
roll. There are several methods to move the putter in parallel to the ground. It generally maintains shorter
the back swing and forward swing: backstrokes, and has a longer follow through. The
rate of time is usually changed to generate velocity
for different length putts. Famous golfers with linear
strokes include Dave Stockton and Jack Nicklaus.
Radial acceleration is a motion that originates with a Linear motion can create peak acceleration post
putter moving with a consistent axis of gyration. This impact as a result of short to long movements.
process works in a circular motion from a fxed center Golfers with such a stroke tend to like stiffer shafts “As a busy chef, my work keeps me
or a virtual center. This motion can originate from to offset acceleration rates and prefer internal shaft on my feet. Osteo Bi-Flex soothes
the shoulders with the center between the shoulder weights or counter weights. Since the acceleration and strengthens my joints and keeps
blades. It can also originate from the elbows, with quiet originates at the top of the handle, weight higher in U.S. No.1 Joint
shoulders, but one must maintain a fxed axis of gyration. the assembly provides more instant feedback. Care Brand* me going strong!”

Radial strokes rely on a consistent rate of time and
varying length of stroke to generate velocity. This COMBINATION OF BOTH Available only at:
kind of stroke has peak acceleration at low point, Golfers with both linear and radial characteristics
and has consistent rates of deceleration post impact. have multiple stroke centers. Edel Golf believes that
Another characteristic is the stroke has consistent a combination of both accelerations is a result of
backstroke/forward stroke length. A golfer with a aim, speed, and path bias resulting from conficting UC-II Collagen Formula
Advanced Triple Action
radial stroke tends to like softer shaft fexes, and information. Most golfers fall into this type of
weight located near the head. acceleration pattern (not excluding Professionals).

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