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• Pre-stroke aim bias, incorrect green reading and • Straight back and through, or Arc putting are
inconsistent delivery speeds affect path. visual perspectives, not path requirements.
• Individuals develop posture and set-up problems • Most players bend the plane line to make path
to offset these inconsistent biases in aim, speed, methodology work.
and green reading. • Stop worrying about path; understand that the
• Once one is able to correct their aim and speed path will compensate for the core problems in
control in relation to the green reading, the path your putting method.
will naturally correct itself. • Fix the core problems: Aim, Speed, and Read.
• Path focus diverts the player’s mind from read/ • Focus on speed control.
aim/speed to mechanical thoughts that produce • If someone recommends a path change, but does
‘yips’ (ie twitches, jitters or jerks)
not check your aim, RUN! They mean well, but
• Path is the most emphasized aspect to putter do not understand the why of what you do.
instruction, and the least understood.

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