MGK Background

Golf for All, Golf for Good.

Teeing up a vision to be the trusted and leading golf community where everyone can experience and immerse themselves in the game of golf, regardless of status and abilities, My Golf Kaki (MGK) is an energetic community powered by UPlay. As avid golfers ourselves, we're driven by a deep passion for making golf accessible and growing our community of Golf Kakis. We take pride in:

• Making golf affordable to workers and at the best value
• Putting golfers at every stage of their journey on the green with ease, providing a comprehensive range of one-stop services for all their golfing needs
• Providing our Golf Kakis with a birdie-worthy experience through quality offerings such a comprehensive learning programmes, enhanced access to local and overseas golf courses, and carefully curated events and activities
• Fostering a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the golfing community through engaging shared experiences
• Driving community outreach initiatives that make a positive social impact and uplift local communities

MGK was initially established by the Singapore Labour Foundation on November 13, 2002, as SLF GolfKaki. NTUC Club Investments (NCI) Golf Pte. Ltd. took over the ownership in January 2004, and the management of the club on November 1, 2006, subsequently rebranding it to My Golf Kaki.

In 2023, we embarked on an exhilarating transformation, complete with a refreshed look and exciting new experiences for our kakis. We're now even more committed to provide members with affordable and amazing golf experiences, complemented by unparalleled service.

Join our vibrant golf community in making a positive difference through golf, where we create social impact and foster a strong sense of community!

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