Posting Scores & USGA Handicap Index FAQ
Scorecard Submission

Every player is responsible for returning all acceptable scores, including tournament scores.

With the integration of the World Handicapping System (WHS) developed by The R&A and USGA, this provides all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability. Please refer below for the key features of the WHS which has already been integrated with the Singapore Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) since January 2020.

Scores made under the following conditions are not acceptable for handicap purposes and must be indicated as 'Unacceptable' when entered into the player’s scoring record.

Note from the Club :
It is the player's responsibility to post an acceptable score as soon as practicable after the completion of a round.  If a player is found to have failed to do so, a Penalty Score equal to the lowest handicap differential in the player's scoring record will be posted.

For handicap purposes, posting of scores should be done immediately after the round has been played or as soon as practical prior to the next revision date, so that the scoring record is up-to-date. The following information must be indicated for courses not listed in MGK's handicap system. For listed courses, please follow the instructions in the online handicap system.

a.   Player’s name and identification number
b.   Date of Play
c.   Course Name
d.   USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating of the course played
e.   Par For Each Hole
f.    Hole-By-Hole Score
g.   Score type for tournament or scores posted via the Internet

In order to make handicap more representative of a player's potential ability, all scores should be returned and recorded hole-by-hole into the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS).

Please refer here for guide to online score submission via CHS.

Total adjusted gross scores may still be returned. However, when posting total adjusted gross scores, please take note of the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) which limits the total strokes per hole for the purposes of calculation your handicap index.

A score is acceptable for handicap posting purposes regardless of whether a score card accompanies it.

All scores submitted to the Club by the 25th of each month will be computed on the next revision date. Latest official WHS/USGA Handicap Index records issued by Orchid Country Club can be viewed via the Singapore Golf Associations’ Centralised Handicapping System (CHS). You will be required to login to your CHS account to view your Handicap Index by using your club membership number, club name, and password. Under 'Club', please select 'Orchid Country Club'. You can view the Handicap Index upon successful login on CHS mobile app or CHS website.

For more information of The USGA Handicap System, please refer to the official USGA website ( under Rules of Handicapping.

Note: Click here to view the guide on obtaining an official Handicap Index.

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