Registration for Centralised Handicapping System
Registration for Centralised Handicapping System
Friday, June 24, 2016

The Singapore Golf Association (SGA) has launched the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) since 4 August 2016. The CHS replaces the previous handicapping system, providing a modern and unified platform for golf handicapping, changing the way golfers perform their handicapping activities, and introducing consistency in the calculation of golfers’ Handicap Index. CHS also tracks golfers who play at any golf course in Singapore and requires that a score be posted in order for golfers to avoid being awarded a penalty score. For more information, please visit SGA Centralised Handicapping System.

Handicap Membership Number

You will be issued a 7-digit Handicap Membership Number by my golf kaki upon confirmation to maintain handicap with MGK. More information regarding registration for the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) will be provided via email. Please DO NOT use your NRIC number or the 6-digit my golf kaki membership number as your Handicap membership number.

Online Registration for CHS (with email account)
Online registration at is accessible for all holders of an email address. Upon registration, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use for the CHS. According to SGA, golfers who have successfully registered and whose membership details have been authenticated by their home club will be sent an email to activate their account.

Once you have activated your account, you will be allowed to log in to view your Handicap Index and enter scores.

Offline Registration for CHS (without email account)
If you do not have an email account, please drop by the my golf kaki office for registration assistance. However, please note that offline submission of scores will require at least ten (10) working days’ lead time. my golf kaki will not be liable for possible penalty imposed due to late submission of scores.

Posting of Scores
Scores can be posted anywhere and anytime either by the clubs or individually by golfers via the Internet or through a phone application (iOS or Android).

Please refer to SGA website for a list of frequently asked questions and SGA Personal Data Protection Policy. Should you require any further clarification, please contact my golf kaki at 6342 5736 /6342 4557 or email to
Maintaining An Active Handicap Status
Maintaining An Active Handicap Status
Friday, February 19, 2016

Members maintaining a handicap index with the Club are reminded that to be issued a Handicap Index, golfers must conform to the World Handicap System/United States Golf Association (WHS/USGA) and the SGA Handicap Policies.

A player should post a score immediately after the round or as soon as practical. It is strongly encouraged to post a hole-by-hole score. Total adjusted gross score may be submitted provided that player has already applied the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) calculations for the submitted score.

Obtain an Active Handicap Index
If you have arranged for a handicap transfer to the Club or have recently completed your Courtesy Round, please submit at least three full games (either 9 or 18-hole scores) via the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) account to obtain a Handicap Index. Scores must be dated after membership commencement and please ensure at least one score is dated within the last 6 months (ie gap between date of plays not more than 6 months).

Note: Player will not be allowed to participate in Orchid Country Club's (OCC) monthly medal without a local handicap.

Please email should you require any clarifications regarding handicap maintenance.

Loyalty Programme
Loyalty Programme
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Retain your my golf kaki membership continuously and enjoy added perks. The longer your membership, the more benefits you get!

Please refer to the table below for full information.

# Please be informed that access to the practice green & bunker, 6-hole putting course will be subject to availability in the event of high traffic.

Platinum complimentary access to changing room (shower & locker) will also be subject to availability in the event of high traffic.

  Loyalty Status           Qualification        
(no lapse in membership)
 Green 1 - 2 years     
Weekday morning access to practice green & bunker#
(Complimentary usage till 12 noon only)

Silver 3 - 4 Years
Weekday (full day) access to practice green & bunker#

Gold 5 - 9 Years

Weekday (full day)
access to practice green & bunker#
One-time complimentary $20 range card redemption

Platinum 10 Years & above

Full access
to practice green & bunker#
Waiver of advance booking fee for Sunday PM golf
Sunday (All day) complimentary access to 6-hole Putting Course#
One-time complimentary $40 golf voucher redemption
One-time complimentary $50 range card redemption

Practice green refers to the chipping green and putting green only. Not applicable for 6-hole Marina Bay Putting Course.

*Perks applicable at Marina Bay Golf Course only and subject to availability.


  • Loyalty status is accumulated through continuous membership renewals (without any breaks).
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum status is not applicable for Junior category.
  • The practice green access rights of respective my golf kaki membership categories are subject to renewal once contracted term ends.
    Please refer to Member's Perks for full details.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion is applicable for valid my golf kaki members only.
  2. Junior members below 12 years of age have to be accompanied by an authorised guardian/adult who is an MGK member or a non-MGK paying adult golfer.
  3. Members are required to present a valid MGK membership card to the registration counter for the usage of the practice facilities.
  4. This special promotion is subjected to the availability of the practice facilities at Marina Bay Golf Course.
  5. Free usage of changing room (shower & locker) at Marina Bay Golf Course cannot be used in conjunction with golf game bookings.
  6. All rules and regulations of Marina Bay Golf Course apply.

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