The Singapore Golf Association Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) is a system that all local clubs have been using with effect from 4 August 2016. For more details on CHS, click here.

1) Registration for CHS (only for applicable members)
Members who are already maintaining their handicap records with My Golf Kaki (MGK) but have yet to register for the CHS are advised to do so in order to appear in the monthly National Handicap Book.

How to Register:
1) Go to & click the red 'Register' button
2) Home Club: Select 'Orchid Country Club'
3) Membership Number: 7xxxxxx (this is NOT your MGK membership number. It is a different 7-digit number which is available on your MGK online profile if your handicap maintenance/transfer has been verified)
4) Complete all personal details required
5) Tick the 'Terms of Use'
6) Click the green 'Register' button

2) Do Not Register for CHS If:
If you do not have a special 7-digit CHS number issued to you. Please DO NOT register for CHS with your 6-digit MGK membership number. This will be rejected.

Only members who have completed the necessary tests, or have an approved official handicap transfer will be issued the 7-digit CHS number.

3) Monthly Handicap Computation
Please note that the handicap computation cut-off date is generally on the 25th of each month. Scores submitted after the 25th will only appear in the following month's computation.

The cut-off date may be brought forward for the month of February, and if the 25th falls on a weekend or Public Holiday.

4) Online Scores Submission via CHS

Only members with a valid 7-digit CHS number and have registered an account in CHS can submit online scores. Online scores submission can be done here.

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