What is a CR

A Courtesy Round is normally conducted before a member is assigned a golf Handicap to assess if the member can demonstrate sufficient practical knowledge of golf rules and golf etiquette and, most importantly, is mindful of his or her own safety and the safety of other golfers on the course.  

To take a Courtesy Round with My Golf Kaki, the following requirements must be met:

1. Must be a My Golf Kaki member.

2. Successfully completed the Golf Workshop conducted by My Golf Kaki appointed test center or exempted from having to take Golf Workshop (My Golf Kaki appointed test center - Star Golf Academy).

3. Able to submit the following for registration:

  • Proof of valid My Golf Kaki membership
  • Copy of valid Proficiency Certificate issued by a recognized club*
    * For the list of recognized clubs, please refer to Proficiency Certification - List of Recognized PC  

4. Upon successful completion of the Golf Workshop and Courtesy Round:

  • Submit 3 x 9-hole or 18-hole score cards
  • Score cards must be dated after membership sign up date
  • USGA Handicap Index will be awarded (home club under Orchid Country Club) after submission of sufficient score cards

The Courtesy Round will be conducted over 9 holes.

Registration for the Courtesy Round can be done at a My Golf Kaki appointed test center:

Star Golf Academy @ Marina Bay Golf Course
80 Rhu Cross #01-05 Singapore 437437
Tel: 6346 5771 / 6342 5734
Email: sales@stargolf.com.sg
Website: http://www.stargolf.com.sg/

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