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  • Only members of NTUC union or a member of any approved NTUC-related organization (eg. nEbO) are eligible to join as a my golf kaki member. Please note that NTUC Union membership is available at an annual fee of $117 ($9 per month from January to November and $18 for December). For more information on NTUC, visit or call 6213 8008.
    Sample NTUC Union card below (ie. only silver/grey card accepted):
  • Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online membership registration payment.
  • No refund will be issued once application is accepted.

* With payment and all relevant documents sent in, the membership card will be mailed to members’ listed mailing address within 3 weeks’ time from the date of application. Kindly note that no membership card will be processed for applicants with no valid NTUC Union membership updated.

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