Discount for Products and Services        
  • 10% OFF established retail price discount for all services products and services within the Partner's store.
  • This supplementary discount cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions, packages, or vouchers.

Golf Set Bundle - 2 Golf set bundle
  • 5-piece golf set bundle at $395 (original discounted price $465), with trade in value.
  • Clubs within the above set may be changed on request, subject to availability. This may incur additional costs depending on the brand and model of requested club.

Monthly Members Deal             
  • Exclusive monthly MGK member special deals.
Specialised Fitting Session                   
  • Special rate of $150 (Usual Price at $250)

Trade-in of Golf Clubs Purchased from partner (Guaranteed trade-in value)
Trade-in of Golf Clubs

Trade-in value at the following rates:
  • Purchased from Partner Within 1 week of purchase — 90% trade-in value (Guaranteed minimum)
  • Within 3 weeks of purchase — 80% trade-in value (Trade-in value)
  • Within 1 month of purchase — 70% trade-in value
  • Within 2 months of purchase — 60% to 80%
  • Within 3 months of purchase — 50% to 70% trade-in value
  • After 3 months — Up to 70% trade in value (subjected to club condition)
*Clubs that are damaged or altered clubs are not eligible for this trade-in deal.
Workshops and Golf Simulator 
  • Complimentary equipment consultation and use of Golf Simulator to test Golf Clubs
  • Complimentary golf equipment workshops