1 Orchid Club Road, Singapore 769162

Main Tel : 6755 9811
Main Fax : 6755 8874
Golfing Office : 6750 2111
Golfing Fax : 6755 7972
Email : golf@orchidclub.com

Phone call Booking times
9am to 12 pm (From Mon to Sun)
2pm to 4 pm (From Mon to Sun)
6pm to 8pm (From Wed to Sat only)

Important Reminders:
1) Important notices
2) Step-by-step guide on balloting a golf pass
3) Penalty Fees: Late Cancellation / No Show
4) Compulsory Tool: Pitch Mark Repairer

Note: Golf passes are available to members with verified NTUC membership and holding valid Proficiency Certificate (for weekday passes) or Handicap Index (for all day passes). If your NTUC, PC or handicap information has yet to be updated, please email the necessary document(s) to my golf kaki for updating as soon as possible.

Valid with use of Golf Pass ($16.50 per member per day)

my golf kaki members can golf at the exquisite Orchid Country Club by taking advantage of the privileged Union Corporate rates. The Union Corporate rates are available by balloting for a golf pass ($16.50 per pass) at least 4 days in advance of play date.

Golf passes are available to members with valid and verified:
1) Proficiency Certificate (PC) -- for weekday passes
    Handicap Index -- for weekday and weekend passes
2) NTUC membership

1) Please provide valid MGK membership card and ID (NRIC, driving license, work permit or passport) for golf registration. MGK membership card and golf pass are strictly not transferable among golfers. Orchid Country Club reserves the right to disallow play should golfers fail to produce the required documents. Any member found misusing the membership may face stern disciplinary action and there will be no refund of golfing fees.

2) Please ensure your my golf kaki membership profile is updated with all the necessary information in order to have access to the golf pass balloting page.


Union Corporate Rates at Orchid Country Club

Weekday (Green Fee only)

Weekends & Public Holidays (Green Fee only)

$36 for 18-hole (Morning)
$44 for 18-hole (Afternoon)

$80 for 18-hole

$18 for 9-hole (Morning)
$22 for 9-hole (Afternoon)

$40 for 9-hole







Price stated are for green fees only. Buggy fees and GST applies.

Buggy fee - $25.00 per golfer
Lighting Fee - additional of $20 (For night golfing charges. Green fee based on weekend rate)
* Members holding Orchid Country Club's Proficiency Certificate (PC) are only allowed to golf at OCC during weekdays. Star Golf and my golf kaki Academy PC holders are also allowed to ballot for golf passes and golf at OCC during weekdays.

How to Book a Golf Game at OCC
a) Members must complete booking 7 days in advance (for weekdays)
b) Weekend booking (open to Handicap holders) – Members may call from Monday onwards (example: To play on Saturday, 30 Mar, members may call on Monday, 25 Mar onwards to book a flight).
c) If my golf kaki members are bringing guests, guests must produce a handicap card during registration. If no handicap card is produced, a Certification Test must be completed. Certification Test is $10.00+ per pax (To be tested at driving range before golf game. No refund will be issued)
d) Each my golf kaki member is allowed to sign in 3 guests (at guest rates) on weekdays, weekends & PH.
    (my golf kaki member must play with the guests)

Important Reminders:
1) Important notices
2) Step-by-step guide on balloting a golf pass
3) Penalty Fees: Late Cancellation / No Show
4) Compulsory Tool: Pitch Mark Repairer

Orchid Country Club - Social Pass
~ Access to Recreational Facilities and Amenities of Orchid Country Club ~

Arrangements have been made with Orchid Country Club (OCC) to allow MGK members to enjoy recreational facilities and amenities of OCC by purchase of a Social Pass. To enjoy this benefit, simply purchase a Social Pass via this link.

Please present your valid 
my golf kaki or NTUC membership card and NRIC during usage of facilities and amenities at OCC. Thank you.